About Climate Change

The world population went form about XXX to YYY in TTT years. We got to YYY by UUUU and we are soon TTT. 


The industrial revolution, the utilization of fossil fuels and the way how capitalism developed shaped the world we live. Fast development took place in all areas on a much large scale as before . The usage of resources was done without measuring consequences. We live and consume as we had several planets.


Here are some facts and figures we are concerned about.


10 tons is the CO2/year is the average footprint per person in Sweden;


10 million tons of plastic get to the ocean every year;


XXXX Melting ice


Species are disapering


Climate change is negative reality and it has been growing tremendously in the past years. Companies and private people can no longer ignore it. At the same time, we are happy to notice a positive growth on climate awareness all over the world. Carbon Dioxide in excess in the atmosphere is what today is causing the so-called green house effect. The green house effect makes the temperature in general to raise, both on oceans and on earth. Some of the main consequences are ocean level raise, death of corals, rain forests and natural catastrophes. 

Corporate Climate Awareness 

All companies have a carbon footprint. The amount of CO2 each company issues depends on several factors such as its core activity, size, amount of travel, energy consumption, etc. CO2 compensation has a positive impact on the planet, but it is not enough. Therefore Climate First also advises how to avoid & reduce carbon emissions through policies and education.

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