Brazilian soil regeneration project


– Modern agriculture is destroying the soil; 

– Most of the soil is used to produce food to feed animals;

– Agriculture practices are emitting millions of tons of carbon;

– Modern agriculture is highly dependent on fertilizer & pesticides;

– 45% the Brazilian agricultural soil is used to plant soya;

– A biological catastrophe is taking place!


– Ecological unbalance
– Poor soil
– Highly fertilizer dependency
– Highly pesticide dependency
– Poor micro-biological life
– Erosion & desertification
– Fewer jobs
– High economic risk
– High carbon emission practices


– Education, education, education
– Climate investments – money
– Change eating habits
– Political measurements
– Best practice sharing


– Ecological balance
– Rich soil
– Natural fertilizers
– No need for pesticides
– Rich micro-biological life
– Fights erosion & desertification
– More jobs
– Lower economic risk
– Biosequestration

Brazilian Soil Regeneration – Climate Investment Fund

In order to complete phase I, Climate First would need to invest about 1M SEK every year for 3 years into the Brazilian soil regeneration project. The resources will be used as following:

– Create a native tree nursery
– Nurse and distribute native trees. 1000 per year
– Provide fruit plants (including olive trees) to local farmers. 3000 per year
– Financially support soil preparation
– Provide at least 24 sessions per year on climate change, ecology, soil regeneration, etc.
– Finance new eating habits education to locals
– Distribute non-GMO seeds
– Create a local produced stamp
– Implement a local food distribution system (app & logistics)

Minimum Investment: 50.000 SEK