We help companies to climate compensate for their CO2 emissions.

Sometimes traveling by plane is unavoidable, lots of road transport is needed or the company main activity simply releases a great amount of CO2 in the atmophere.

That is when climate compensation comes into place. We help companies to identify their CO2 emissions and to pick a good certified project.

Climate compensation alone is far from being the solution to the climate crise; but it is a step towards the right direction.

Så här går klimatkompensation till

1. Vi mäter det koldioxidavtryck din resa, konferens eller event skapar.

2. Du väljer vilket av FNs utvalda projekt du vill stötta. Climate First sköter resten.

3. Climate First gör kompensationen och du får ett certifikat. Nu kan du stolt berätta att din aktivitet är klimatneutral.

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