Climate first is an NGO which believes that humans and the biosphere can coexist in earth

We work to increase awareness about climate change and to provide solutions to minimize the impact of humans on the planet. We do that via education, climate investments, projects, promotion of new ideas, products and services.

When CO2 emissions are unavoidable, we provide certified projects compesation, also known as carbon offset.

We work towards companies but we aim to impact each human being.


Aviation Fossil Free Fuel
Climate investment projects
Sustainable Destination APP
Food Self Sufficiency
Sustainability Consultancy


  Climate First was created by 3 individuals who have a strong commitment in fighting climate change. All three are coming from the event business and it all started with the creating of sustainable events for companies. It did not take long to realize the impact had to be greater. Everyone needs to join in and it needs to have a global approach.

Climate First is supporting both companies and private people to minimize their CO2 footprint. 

”If we put together awareness, action and innovation we will have greater changes to save our planet. We have to do it together and we have to do it now.”
–   Vianei Hermes

Vianei Hermes

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Rebecca Pettersson

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Anna Hermes

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